Chandler Knight (Snow)

Snowborough is a fan animated series starring a young boy named Chandler Knight (Age 15). He gets into a freak accident in his school lab and gains superhuman strength, speed, endurance, agility & flexibility (though he does not use this often).

Main CharactersEdit

  • Chandler Knight (Snow)
  • Jaso Pierce
  • Kendall Goldsworthy
  • Bruno Sydney
  • Mia Henderson
  • Kayla Jefferson
  • Dylan Simone
  • Shannon Smith

Supporting CharactersEdit

  • Mr. Knight
  • Mrs. Knight
  • Aunt Maple Knight
  • Grandpa Frank Knight
  • Allison Dodgers
  • Bronc Lawson
  • Futo
  • Sally Toupee


  • Luthor Powell
  • Angel Powell
  • Ice
  • The Powerhouse
  • Backbone
  • Dr. Blood
  • Hellhound
  • Mac Tombstone
  • The Buzzard
  • The Steamroller
  • Bathound
  • Dr. Paine
  • The Enforcers
  • Man-Beast
  • Crag
  • Mike Kephart
  • The Scar Twins
  • Dr. Menace
  • Reaper (Defeated)
  • The Scythe
  • Devastation
  • Dagger
  • Hugo Johnson
  • Demento
  • Bloodsucker
  • The Wolf Pack
  • Dr. Rectal
  • The Stinger
  • Mudface
  • Neanderthal

Episode ListEdit

This is a list of episodes in the series.

Season 1: 2010Edit

# # Title Written by Original air date Production
1 1 "I Am Legion" Luthor Powell September 7, 1991 4308-007
After doing an experiment in the science lab involving genocide acid and common sulfide solution, it combusts and grants Chandler Knight superhuman strength, speed, endurance & heightened vision and senses. He then tries to become adapt with his new powers as the evil crime boss, Luthor Powell is trying to exterminate him to ensure that he does not become a threat to him.
2 2 "Fury" Reaper September 14, 1991 4308-034
Chandler does not tell anyone of his powers except Jaso. However, Dirk Mikeson gets suspicious of Chandler and does the same thing he does however, he had Chemical Y (poison). This gives excessive power and Snow must stop him, before the poison kills him.
3 3 "Savage Time" Hellhound & Luthor Powell September 21, 1991 4308-025
After Chandler and Jaso are walking Jaso's dog, it runs away due to the smell. They look for him and eventually finds him in the possession of Luthor. Luthor has mutated him into a rabid ferocious man-eating dog that targets Chandler. Snow then must risk killing his best friend's pet or sacrificing himself.
4 4 "Tombstone" Mac Tombstone & Dr. Blood September 28, 1991 4308-010
When an old rival returns, Mac Tombstone, he challenges Chandler but loses in each one. Wanting revenge, he finds Adrian Blood who mutates him in a freak. Now, Tombstone goes out seeking revenge and it out for blood.
5 5 "Ancient History" Luthor Powell October 5, 1991 4308-037
Chandler convinces Kayla to go to the movies with him afterschool. During their field trip, Luthor is there doing some business and brings the exhibits to life.
6 6 "Shadow of the Hawk" The Buzzard October 12, 1991 4308-028
After seeing the mayor get rid of the bird site with the last remaining of the endangered buzzards, a man named Kane Buzzard kidnaps it and builds a buzzard themed exterior suit out of it. He then goes out to exact his revenge on the mayor. Meanwhile, Snow is honing on his skills and getting better but is interrupted when the Buzzard is attacking town.
7 7 "Double Date" Angel Powell & Luthor Powell October 19, 1991 4308-032
Chandler's parents introduces him to a girl named Angel and so they schedule a double date with Bronc Lawson & Mia Henderson. At the place, Angel is trying to kill Chandler as she knows of who he is because of her father. Eventually, the two battle it out but Snow is put in a tight squeeze when Angel has the whole place scattered with bombs and she has the detonator.
8 8 "Flashpoint" Backbone, Hellhound & Dr. Blood October 26, 1991 4308-030
Chandler is trying to make his family reunion perfect along with Jaso & Kendall Goldsworthy. Dr. Blood adopts a strange but familiar canine and uses it to make sure that Snow does not ruin his plan. He hires a guy that he mutates named Backbone and takes Hellhound with him to sniff Snow out. When they arrive, Chandler and his friends must stop them and figure out Dr. Blood's plan or everyone will be hamburger meat.
9 9 "In Blackest Night" Bloodsucker November 2, 1991 4308-009
After coming home from school, Chandler comes face to face with a real Bloodsucker (Vampire). He escapes its wrath only to go to his school to where Dr. Leroy Canal researches on things like that. However, the bloodsucker tracks his scent and is in the school lurking about. Snow must then rid of the creature or the whole school will have their blood's taken from them.
10 10 "The Enemy Below" Luthor Powell November 9, 1991 4308-038
Luthor builds a machine that sucks the energy of civillians to power up his generator for World Domination. Meanwhile, Chandler is practicing his skills but Futo finds him and he is forced to make up another lie. Chandler once again asks Kayla out but gets rejected. Chandler then realize Luthor's plan. Snow then goes to thwart his plans but cannot as the generator is too strong. How will he be able to stop him now?
11 11 "Wild Cards" Demento November 16, 1991 4308-057
Chandler and his family (along with Dylan & Jaso) visits a mental hospital where they visit Uncle Tom who is still recovering after the Bison incident. The three boys then ventures off but finds the worse of the worse when they meet a real nutcase, Tommy Demento! His sick and twisted mind captures both Jaso and Dylan and so Snow must get the two back before Demento shock them with the electrical chair.
12 12 "Fearful Symmetry" Hugo Johnson November 23, 1991 4308-022
A new villain named Hugo Johnson declares himself as the Big Man of the city. When the whole town goes to his speech, he actually mind controlls them with special chips. He then decides to make his perfect world. Chandler sneaks away and is asked by Kayla to help him. When he does, he drops the cd that she wanted and has to get a new one. However, there is a problem when he tries to get the whole town back.
13 13 "The Malevolant Menace" Hugo Johnson, Backbone & Luthor Powell November 30, 1991 4308-035
When Snow gets captured, he gets brainwashed as well. Luthor not accepting Snow's defeat to be at the hands of Hugo Johnson, snaps him out of it and teams up with him to stop his empire. However, the two have trouble as the "zombies" are much more powerful then they thought. However, as they battle Hugo Johnson, Snow manages to stop the generator and fix everyone. The police takes Hugo Johnson to jail and when Chandler tells Kayla the truth, she kisses him and declares that they are indeed a couple.

Season 2: 2010-2011Edit

# # Title Written by Original air date Production
14 1 "Only a Dream" The Enforcers September 7, 1991 4308-007
When Chandler wakes up, he finds that he is in a secret HQ. The Enforcers are then trying to clone him using his DNA. he tries to escape but cannot. He then thinks of how his life would have been if he was not in that accident. He then breaks free and manages to stop them and barekly escapes. He then heads home to where he finds Kayla and they kiss agian but on the roof of the school.
15 2 "Hearts and Minds" Dagger & Angel Powell September 14, 1991 4308-034
Chandler is stuck at his grandparents old retirement home for the weekend but learns that Angel is there as well. Angel and her boyfriend, Dagger gets the senior citizens to turn on Snow who struggles to get his grandpa and aunt to safety. When it comes time for the reaping, Snow must snap the people back to normal.
16 3 "Eclipse" The Scythe September 21, 1991 4308-025
At school, Chandler is watching the football team as they have their big game tonight. However, there is a mysterious guy that is following Futo around everywhere. When it came time for the game, the guy has a scythe and plans to cut Futo to ribbons. Chandler then has to save him without revealing his identity.
17 4 "A Better World" Luthor Powell, Backbone & Dr. Blood September 28, 1991 4308-010
Luthor is about to make his world come to life but he needs the Old Amber & the Stone of Christ. When Backbone and Dr. Blood goes to retrieve it, there is nobody to stop them. Meanwhile, Chandler is enjoying his time with Kayla until they keep getting interrupted. Eventually, Chandler ditches her on accident when he has to go stop Luthor from creating his perfect world.
18 5 "Maid of Honor" Angel Powell & Hellhound October 5, 1991 4308-037
When Chandler finds Kayla, she is pissed. He then makes it up to her and they kiss. At homeroom, Angel transfers into the school and so she makes life on both Kendall and Chandler hard. The two are then prepared to do something about it with the help of Jaso, Dylan and Bronc. However, she brought along a friend with her... Hellhound!
19 6 "Grudge Match" Mac Tombstone October 12, 1991 4308-028
Chandler is late for the Family Funhouse Game but when he comes home, he finds Mac in his house as his parents saw him on the street and invited him in. Now, the two's rivalry is more heated than ever with the two of them having a secret of the other that they do not want out. When the thing ends, they plan to settle their rivalry on top of the CNN Building Tower.
20 7 "Enter the Dragon" Dr. Rectal, Luthor Powell & Bloodsucker October 19, 1991 4308-032
Chandler has to go to the doctor to get a check up but his doctor, Dr. Rectal is always eager to "get rid of any problems of Chandler's." However, other patients of his includes Luthor Powell and Bloodsucker who gains Dr. Rectal's help to capture Chandler and force him the Suck Needle of Death.
21 8 "Secret Society" The Enforcers October 26, 1991 4308-030
At school, the Enforcers takes over in order to find the right students to clone, at the same time searching for Snow. Chandler on the other hand has to deal with detention with Bronc, Shannon & Jaso when they are accused of something the Seniors did.
22 9 "Comfort and Joy" Luthor Powell November 2, 1991 4308-009
It is Halloween and so everyone is planning on going to the Halloween Festival. Chandler plans on going with Kayla as she really wants to go. Meanwhile, Luthor hears word of this and pays to gain control of the festival. He then tries to ruin it for Chandler and Kayla. When things go out of hand, Chandler must choose his girlfriend or everyone to save.
23 10 "The Greatest Story Never Told" Neanderthal November 9, 1991 4308-038
Jaso is helping Chandler with his practicing but they spy a wild caveman from the museum that is alive. When hunting him down, Neanderthal is tricky and manages to escape. Chandler makes it back to school and is barely able to fix his relationship with Kayla by offering to go with her to the coffee shop. Snow finds Neanderthal out on the football field and plans to settle the fight there and now!
24 11 "Wake the Dead" Reaper & The Scythe November 16, 1991 4308-057
After a loss from Snow, Reaper finds a guy like him, who happens to be the Scythe. The two teams up and proves to be Snow's match. He then finds a way to defeat them, he lures them in the Science Lab, to where he has set up the same thing that got him his powers.
25 12 "Legacy" Bathound, Luthor Powell & Dagger November 23, 1991 4308-022
After putting Dagger back in jail, Chandler goes on his anniversary date with Kayla. Meanwhile, Luthor welcomes a man named Clayton Seymour and tricks him and transforms him into a sort of Man-Bat creature. He then goes out looking for people to feed off of. However, Snow plans on stopping him at all costs.
26 13 "Dark Victory" Dr. Paine November 30, 1991 4308-035
The world goes into eternal darkness and so Chandler and Jaso plans on finding out why. When they discover that it is not Luthor, they try to find out who it is. However, strange things begins happening and the end of the world is comming unless Snow can put a stop to it.

Season 3: 2011Edit

# # Title Written by Original air date Production
27 1 "Dead Reckoning" The Powerhouse & Dr. Paine September 7, 1991 4308-007
Dr. Paine is back and has a muscle with him to do the grunt work. After being beaten to a pulp twice by the Powerhouse, Snow goes far off to get stronger and make sure he does not lose to Powerhouse ever again.
28 2 "Champions" Backbone September 14, 1991 4308-034
There is a tournament that the winner will gain the Crown of Kings. Backbone enters and so Chandler does as well while Jaso, Dylan, Kayla, Kendall & Mia watches. Chandler gets through each round until the final round where he faces off against Backbone. He makes himself lose to not reveal himself however, Backbone has a plan in store for Snowborough.
29 3 "Night of the Crag" Crag, Luthor Powell & Angel Powell September 21, 1991 4308-025
Angel returns but needing assitane from Chandler when her father has unleashed a monster named Crag. Kayla kisses him goodbye and the two goes. However, the monster proves to be more than what they expected...
30 4 "Final Exam" Luthor Powell, Backbone & Dr. Blood September 28, 1991 4308-010
Chandler finally tells Kendall, Dylan and Kayla about his powers and they watch him as he fends off against Backbone and puts him to jail. When going out to celebrate, both Luthor Powell and Dr. Blood kidnaps Snow and puts him through a test that if he fails, he will die.
31 5 "Divided We Fall" The Wolf Pack October 5, 1991 4308-037
When the Full Moon of a lifetime comes, it comes time for the Wolf Pack. Chandler's grandparents then tells him not to go outside during this time as it is dangerous. When Snow goes out to get a glimpse at the Wolf Pack, he finds the city deserted and is soon cornered by the Pack. How will he survive the night knowing they're after him?
32 6 "The New Age" Luthor Powell October 12, 1991 4308-028
Luthor puts his final plan into orbit and begins by creating problems all over town for Snow. He then uses that as a distraction to create his perfect world. Meanwhile, Chandler and Kayla are in a bit of mix up and temporarily go their separate ways until she gets captured by Luthor and so Snow has to go get her back.
33 7 "Patriot Act" The Enforcers October 19, 1991 4308-032
The Enforcers blackmails the mayor so they are the rulers of the city and orders anyody who knows the whereabouts of Chandler Knight to bring him to them immediately as they get a reward. The whole town is looking for Chandler as he is hiding in the school with his friends. He then plans to give the Enforcers a taste of their own medicine.
34 8 "The Evil Within" Ice, Bathound & Dagger October 26, 1991 4308-030
Chandler is fighting with Dagger but gets cut and so he takes that blood sample and takes Futo and uses that to turn him evil. He then sends Ice out to kill Snow. Ice uses Bathound as the first warning as Snow barely defeats it and when they see each other at school, they fight in the hallway with the whole school crowding them. At the end, Chandler and Kayla enjoys their date and makeout afterwards.
35 9 "Initiation" Luthor Powell & Demento November 2, 1991 4308-009
Demento is back and breaks the psycho people out of the Mental Hospital to go and ambush Snow. Luthor on the other hand is using that to his advantage to defeat him. Chandler is let down soft by Kayla and they break up. Snow then copes with his break up by stopping the villains.
36 10 "Dreamscape" Mike Kephart November 9, 1991 4308-038
After a campaign fail due to Chandler Knight, Mike Kephart finds his house and enter his dreams with a device that he has been creating for a while. He then plans to ruin Chandler from the inside as he did to him.
37 11 "The Return" Mac Tombstone November 16, 1991 4308-057
The school goes on a field trip to a space shuttle and Chandler has been avoiding Kayla since the break up. Jaso and them try to make it up to him but he just wanders off alone to where he finds a familiar shilloutte. It then turns out to be Mac Tombstone who had his friends and the school come so he could blast them into the vaccum of space.
38 12 "Be Afraid of the Dark" Mac Tombstone & Hellhound November 23, 1991 4308-022
Chandler goes and warns his school of this but they do not listen. He then warns his friends and they go to thwart Tombstone's plans. When he captures them, Chandler and Kayla manages to get free and so they are left to stop Mac. When everyone is safe, Mac is nowhere to be found and Kendall comforts him and they kiss.
39 13 "Shadow of Darkness" The Scythe, Hugo Johnson November 30, 1991 4308-035
Chandler begins his new relationship with Kendall but goes to a funeral of a close friend of his parents. However, the person hosting it is none other than Hugo Johnson! Snow then calls Jaso there when he needs help in fighting off Scythe, who also attented the funeral.

Season 4: 2011-2012Edit

# # Title Written by Original air date Production
40 1 "Deep Six" Backbone, Neanderthal, Bathound, Dagger, Bloodsucker, The Buzzard & Hugo Johnson September 7, 1991 4308-007
Hugo Johnson tutors 5 vigilantes while they are in prison and then busts them out and gathers them and Bathound and unites them and creates the Deep Six to destroy Snow. Meanwhile, Chandler needs to get a gift for everyone as he is in charge for the afterschool party. When he finds the six at the bank, he must stop them. However, he might risk being late or ruining the party.
41 2 "Titan Rising" Luthor Powell September 14, 1991 4308-034
When the teacher is absent from the auditorium big celeb meeting, Chandler and his friends are surprised when Luthor Powell takes over. He also makes changes and Chandler and his friends have to sneak out the school and take it down from the inside. Chandler and Kendall embraces one another during the time.
42 3 "Fallen Hero" The Scar Twins September 21, 1991 4308-025
When two twins are cursed, they plan on getting revenge on the person. Chandler and Bronc goes out and finds the Scar Twins causing havoc. Not only does Snow has to stop them, he has to take the curse off too!
43 4 "Starcrossed" Angel Powell & The Enforcers September 28, 1991 4308-010
Chandler goes out with Kendall on a date however, they notice that the Enforcers has a hold on the mayor and worse, they are working for Angel. Snow then goes out to fight Angel but is overpowered and is defeated. It is then up to Kendall to save Chandler so he may stop them.
44 5 "A League of Their Own" Luthor Powell, Dr. Menace & Dr. Blood October 5, 1991 4308-037
After getting into an argument with his parents, Chandler goes to cool off however, he accidentally walks in on a meeting lead by Luthor Powell & Dr. Blood. The three then traps him in the facility and Snow has to escape.
45 6 "Panic in the Sky" Bathound October 12, 1991 4308-028
Several strange sightings of what appears to be a man-bat like creature. Chandler suspicious, takes Jaso with him to find the creature. However, it turns out to be an even more rabbid Bathound!
46 7 "Wavelength" Mudface October 19, 1991 4308-032
Snowborough is experiencing many earthquakes at the same time. However, the target is Chandler's school. He has his anniversary with Kendall but must stop the menace that is causing the tremors or face the punishments.
47 8 "Birthmark" Luthor Powell, Angel Powell & Dagger October 26, 1991 4308-030
Luthor offers Dagger a chance at business and he accepts, throwing aside his girlfriend, Angel for this opportunity. Needing help, she seeks Snow's help and he eagerly tries to persuade her on to the side of good. However, they are then in a tight spot when Luthor expected this to happen. Angel kisses Snow and vows to change a new leaf and promises to return. Afterwards, Chandler discovers the birthmark of death.
48 9 "Trigger" The Powerhouse & Backbone November 2, 1991 4308-009
Chandler is forced to try basket ball and so Jaso and Dylan does it with him. When they are up in their first game, turns out that both the Powerhouse and Backbone are shown as players on their team. What will Chandler do if he doesn't want to reveal his powers?
49 10 "Aftershock" Crag, Luthor Powell & Dr. Paine November 9, 1991 4308-038
Dr. Paine finds Crag and orders it to hunt Snow. Meanwhile, Luthor Powell struggles when his organization goes downhill. He then steals from Dr. Paine's facility to build his profit. Meanwhile, Snow is being hunted by the beastly monster who has no intention of giving up.
50 11 "Divide & Conquer" Hugo Johnson November 16, 1991 4308-057
It is winter and so it is snowing more than usual. Hugo Johnson tries to take advantage of this by plummeting the schools and buildings in snow. After escaping his house, Snow manages to get everyone in the school and plans on finding the machine but is stopped by Hugo's snowman minions. Kendall and Jaso manages to escape to go help him in the battle.
51 12 "Final Destination Match" The Buzzard & The Scythe November 23, 1991 4308-022
After enjoying their date, Chandler and Kendall kiss. However, Kayla has witnessed this and gets jealous. Soon, The Buzzard kidnaps Kendall and hires The Scythe to distract Snow. Eventually, Snow is done with him but the Buzzard plans on feasting on her. Can Snow make it there in time?
52 13 "Time After Time" Demento November 30, 1991 4308-035
After escaping the nuthouse, Demento casts a giant gas of laughing gas that makes the whole town mentally maniacal. Snow is unaffected because of the chemicals in his body. When he has no hope of beating Demento with the town turned on him, he is forced to team up with Angel in hopes of winning.

Season 5: 2012Edit

# # Title Written by Original air date Production
53 1 "Far From Home" Dr. Menace September 7, 1991 4308-007
Dr. Menace mind controls Chandler's family and he is sent to a secret HQ (along with the rest of the boys in the city). Dr Menace is actually prepared to bio-fuse each and everyone one. However, Snow plans to stop him.
54 2 "Identity Crisis" Ice & Luthor Powell September 14, 1991 4308-034
Ice is back and is better than ever! Snow is no match for Ice as he is ruining both his superhor career and his everyday life. He even tries to kiss Kendall but fails. He then plans to kill Kendall at the football game ceremony. Snow then asks for help from Luthor in hopes of stopping his evil counterpart.
55 3 "The Terror Beyond" Bathound, Dr. Blood & Backbone September 21, 1991 4308-025
With Bathound back and this time prepared to kill as he has been given poisonous venom by Dr. Blood, Chandler is unable to get near any of his loved ones. Backbone is then back to assist Bathound when he has successfully poisoned Chandler. Now Snow must stop the two and rid of the deadly posion.
56 4 "Crag Unleashed" Crag September 28, 1991 4308-010
Crag is back but has been acting strange. Feeling bad, Chandler takes it in and tries to nurse it back to life. Meanwhile, he has to deal with his relationship with both Kendall and Angel as the two wants to go on a date with him.
57 5 "Betrayal" Mac Tombstone, Mike Kephart & The Steamroller October 5, 1991 4308-037
The Steamroller is helping Mike Kephart in his new scheme to frame Snow. Meanwhile, Mac returns back for more fun one last time when he was thought dead. How can Snow handle two situations at the same time?
58 6 "A Knight of Shadows" The Buzzard October 12, 1991 4308-028
Chandler and his family was enjoying a feast until Chandler sees on the news that a flying creature has kidnapped many important people. Snow then goes with Jaso to retrieve them.
59 7 "Mastermind" Luthor Powell October 19, 1991 4308-032
Luthor once again goes for his masterplan and takes Snow out of the picture and he is thought dead. When he awakens, the city is how Luthor pictured it and all of Snow's loved ones are imprisoned. He then has to fix this and get the city back.
60 8 "Winner Take All" The Enforcers October 26, 1991 4308-030
The Enforcers puts Snow and many of his enemies through a game to where the winner will be granted freedom. Struggling to survive, Snow plans on winning to free all of the villains and stop the Enforcers for good.
61 9 "Save the World" Ice, Mudface, Dagger & Hellhound November 2, 1991 4308-009
It is Valentine's Day and so Chandler is forced into spending time with Kendall, Kayla and Angel. However, Ice comes back and starts terrorizing the place. He then infects the place with the help of Dagger and Mudface. However, Jaso manages to get back Hellhound in time to help.
62 10 "Shock Therapy" Demento, Bloodsucker & Luthor November 9, 1991 4308-038
After Luthor captures Bloodsucker for his next scheme, Demento is actually planning to exterminate Snow. He shocks him and he forgets everything. His friends, family and Angel tries to help him so he can save them. Snow also tells his grandparents of his identity.
63 11 "Doctor's Disorders" Dr. Blood, Dr. Paine & Dr. Rectal November 16, 1991 4308-057
The three doctors opens up a hospital for the sick when they purposely poison the people of Snowborough. After Angel, Kendall and the others gets sick, Snow and Jaso ventures in to the hospital to stop their plans. However, Snow eventually gets captured and is going to be experiment on unless Jaso can save everyone.
64 12 "A Dark Knight to Remember" Luthor Powell, Devastation, Hugo Johnson & The Powerhouse November 23, 1991 4308-022
After stopping the Powerhouse, Snow has a celebration to his powers as it has been a year and graduation is coming up. Luthor and Hugo Johnson both creates a monster that is far more powerful than anyone and after being easily defeated by Devastation twice, Chandler gives up on the superhero business and his friends fails to convince him otherwise. Devastation then captures his friends, family and whatnot.
65 13 "Hereafter" Devastation November 30, 1991 4308-035
Devastation then begins to devour the world and absorbs its energy. With Chandler done being a superhero, he thinks over everything he has done for Snowborough and decides to save everyone. When he does, he reveals his identity to everyone and so he teams up with Luthor & Hugo Johnson to go stop Devastation for good as the others all makes sure the citizens are okay. Afterwards, they have their graduation and when Chandler is outside. Jaso warns him to run as Angel, Kayla and Kendall are (playfully) furious of his relationship with them. He is then seen running away from them as they playfully try to catch him. Chandler then narrates as Hugo Johnson is rebuilding his empire, all of the villains are in their cells, happy that darkness has been led up, Luthor Powell is closing down his HQ to open a new one. Snow is then seen on a building and goes jumping from rooftop from rooftop, saying that if there is ever any trouble, he will be there to stop it!

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